Visa Categories & Services

We assist with a wide range of visa categories and immigration related services. Scroll down for a brief overview of the main types and areas.

Investor Visa

Sub Categories:

Investor 1: $10m (NZ)
3 years; 88 days presence
No age restrictions, no English
No presence after 3 years

Investor 2: $2.5-3 million (varies)
65 or under
English at IELTS 3.0 or above
4 years; 438 days presence
Business experience required (ownership or management)

Advice needed: documentation and tracing/history of funds.

Family Visa

Sub Categories:

Partnership (de facto included)

Parent category (income based or sponsor income-based)

Children: Adopted or previously not included.

Temporary entry: Partnership, or culturally arranged marriages/engagements.
Character/medical cases.

Identity issues: appeals around nexus to New Zealand.

Corporate Visa

Sub Categories:

Work visas for multi-national or subsidiary secondments

Intra-corporate transfers, senior and specialised employees

Entertainment industry visas


Negotiations/company set-ups

Also: Employer Accreditation applications

Skilled Migrant Visa


Must have a job offer (we are not recruitment specialists)

Job must be skilled (see lists elsewhere on website)

Advocacy re whether “skilled” and whether employer is compliant

Work visas under Essential Skills or post residence-filing

See current list of Skilled Occupations

Work To Residence Visa

Work To Residence Visa
Main Categories:

Employer is accredited: Employment at $55K or more
Shortage occupation (See the Long Term Skills Shortage list here)

Other: Work-to-Residence

Residence is achieved after two years.

We assist with the Employer Accreditation process.

Note: English may not be required.

Age restricted.

Also Talent visas (appropriate sponsorship required).

Entrepreneur Visa

Entrepreneur Work To Residence:

This category is not for the faint of heart.

Past business experience required: ownership or management

Re-positioning international-based internet companies has problems

Purchasing of existing business, points for employees must be additional employees

Start-ups in export/import or setting up subsidiary encouraged.

Past business experience must be verifiable (tax documentation etc.)

Refugee & Protection


We have experience dealing with refugees from all of the major countries generating persecution of minorities and others.

We give advice on refugee cases pre-travel but not in relation to travel.

Much of our work in this area is on a fee-paying basis, but there are a limited number of cases that we do on legal aid where there is merit, and depending on our budget (legal aid has a pro bono component)



Appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal:
Skilled Migrant Category
Family appeals
Character/Health based appeals
Appeals against deportation
Refugee/Protection appeals

Cancellation appeals

Appeals to the High Court:
Point of Law
Judicial Review


Immigration related:

Criminal charges involving immigration fraud/misrepresentation

Employment cases:
Exploitation of a worker
Personal grievances
Unjustified dismissals

Labour Inspectorate Investigations: corporate compliance.

S 106 affidavits in appropriate cases.

Every year, New Zealand welcomes thousands of new residents, workers, students, businesses and visitors. Ryken & Associates is here to assist those who qualify for entry to New Zealand.

New Zealand is an exciting place to live, work and play, but moving to a new country can be overwhelming. Ryken & Associates is here to help you take the first step into a new life in New Zealand.

The population of New Zealand is now over 4.5 million people, one third of those live in its biggest city, Auckland. The country is made up of two main islands referred to as the North and South Island.

New Zealand is renowned for its beauty and tourism is an important part of the economy. Agriculture and horticulture are also very important and it is a well known fact that the population of sheep in New Zealand far outnumbers the human population.

New Zealand is a democratic country with world class social, health & education services provided by the government.

Other F.A.Q.

Q: Why should I use an immigration lawyer?

A: Immigration rules are complicated and confusing. Engaging an experienced professional will ensure that your chances of success is as high as possible.
What will you do?

Ryken & Associates will not only help you in making sure all information needed is correctly collated and supplied to Immigration New Zealand, but with our experience and history, we make certain that you have the very best chance and representation for the whole process.