Immigration’s unlawful refusal to consider visa applicatons

Since the return to work at level one at midnight on 9 June 2020, Immigration New Zealand’s officers (at least those working within the territory of New Zealand) have been able to return to work.  It is understood that Immigration New Zealand’s offices in other countries such as China (Beijing) and India (Mumbai) may not … Read more

Judicial Review of Post-Tribunal Ministerials

Yan Zhang v Minister of Immigration [2020] NZHC 568 (19 March 2020) In a recent decision the High Court at Auckland has confirmed that the decision of the Associate Minister of Immigration to refuse to grant residence as an exception after a referral back from the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, can amount to Wednesbury unreasonableness. … Read more

New Zealand’s multi-cultural heritage: The Dalmatians

Over one hundred and fifty languages are spoken in Auckland, making it one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities.  The 2018 census reveals that 41.6% of Aucklanders were born overseas, most commonly in Asia and the Pacific Islands. One of the earliest non-British waves of migrants was from Dalmatia, a region along the Adriatic … Read more