Immigration Issues and Doing Business In New Zealand

Immigration Issues and Doing Business In New Zealand (Excerpt)

  1. Reference is made to the very helpful article on immigration issues involved with doing business in the United States, written by Zachary Norris and Ada Echetebu. Almost without exception the problems facing New Zealanders bound for the US are identical or parallel to the problems and issues awaiting unprepared business persons and corporate employees coming to carry out activities properly described as “work” in New Zealand.
  2. The writer’s firm is often engaged very late in the process, sometimes after corporate transferees have actually arrived in New Zealand, and are already carrying out non-compliant (unlawful) activities. Sometimes these are individuals from major corporations, often senior executives who either incorrectly consider that their activity is “business” and does not require a work visa, or who for some reason are of the view that they can fly into New Zealand and begin work immediately. Law firms involved in joint ventures or in setting up company structures in New Zealand for multinational companies need to factor in as early as possible detailed immigration advice if it is intended that employees from overseas companies are required to work in New Zealand, be they specialist personnel, senior executives or business persons.
  3. Business visitor visas
    New Zealand allows the citizens of 58 countries to apply for entry at the border without a visa. This is sometimes referred to as “visa-free” but this is in fact a misnomer. The arrival card is in fact a visa application which is processed summarily.

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