1) Global Transfers of Highly Skilled Workers into New Zealand & 2) Investor Categories

I. Global Transfers of Highly Skilled Workers into New Zealand
1.0 Introduction
1.1 The transfer of the highly skilled into New Zealand occurs in the following
four ways:
i. Residence (Skilled Migrant Category).
ii. Corporate transfers (WS2 work visa policy).
iii. Employer accreditation (Work-to-Residence policy).
iv. Essential Skills (market-tested unless in a shortage list

Residence: Skilled Migrant (point systems) Category 1
1.2 New Zealand’s primary residence category remains a point system based
category, but is heavily weighted towards those with job offers and in fact
selections seldom occur unless a person has a job offer2 (unless the person
has 140 points or more).3 There is a two-stage process including an
Expression of Interest which is electronic which is followed by the
Invitation to Apply and the residence application can then be filed. The
difficulty is that the process is at least a three to six-month process. Some
qualifications also need to be assessed and where there has been work
experience this may need to be verified in high-risk markets. The process
can in fact be much longer than 3-6 months. The actual job offer or
employment will be also verified, and the employer’s past compliance will
also be confirmed.

Corporate transfers
1.3 Corporate transfers are only available for substantial New Zealand
companies or a New Zealand subsidiary of an overseas company and for…

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