Investor visas to New Zealand during Covid-19

Ryken and Associates remains open for business during our lock-down coronavirus response with almost all of our staff working from home remotely.

New Zealand’s response to the pandemic clearly indicates a jurisdiction that cares for all its people (including the elderly and vulnerable), and is willing to make the necessary sacrifices to ensure we are all safe. As a bolt-hole destination, New Zealand has proved itself reliable.

Investor 1 remains a popular visa option for those with $10 m (NZ) to invest and who can meet the other criteria. It is important as explained elsewhere on our website in our library section, that unlike almost all other countries, New Zealand grants residence for life (with no presence requirement after the qualifying period). Investor 1 rules require the principal applicant to spend just 88 days in New Zealand during the three year investment period.

We welcome the opportunity to take initial instructions to explore your particular circumstances with regard to a potential application, and to then present the application on your behalf. We have specialists who are able to assist in the 3 investor visa categories: investor 1 ( $10m, no English no age restriction and only 88 days), investor 2 ($2.5m and 3 years business experience) and parent retirement (1.5m and a guaranteed income of $60K per annum and a resident son or daughter). We look forward to assisting those seeking a safe haven in a troubled world.

Please feel free to email us on a no-obligation initial basis: